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The pages in the links below emulate the appearance of the original yearbook with minor changes to accommodate the reality of web publishing as opposed to traditional publishing. The page numbers in the title links below mirror the actual page numbers in the yearbook, but appear in chronological order, first through last (and are noted as such on each linked page). See the Notes below for important copyright/privacy information.

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A few words about copyright and privacy:

Copyright  I've looked all through our yearbook and can find no notice of copyright. According to the 1 April 1989 revision of U.S. copyright law, notice is no longer required for a copyright to exist. However, without notice, it's impossible to contact whomever may be the actual copyright holder. Certainly, the staff and advisors could arguably have some claims, as might the school or even the Board of Education. Absent better information, however, I'm proceeding under two assumptions:

Insofar as the pictures are concerned, Phillip's Studio appears to no longer be in business, so that, ahem, picture is murky, as well.

Privacy  In 1964 there was no internet and there was virtually no such thing as a privacy issue. That's not the case today. Although my belief that the posting of 40+ year old pictures is at least harmless, I can imagine that some may have anxiety over it. Consequently, I'm taking the broad approach that, absent a complaint, no harm is done. Nevertheless, if anyone wishes their name/picture removed from this site, I'll accommodate them (with regret). Please remember that our purpose is to provide a resource for old friends and classmates to, if not reconnect, at least be reminded of times we shared half a century ago, and no harm is intended.

In any event, the content at this site is solely the work of the author and no other parties or organizations, singly or collectively, can be ascribed any responsibility nor liability for its presence.

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